What is Nest Aware, and is it worth the cost?

If you’re interested in Google’s Nest Cams or doorbells for your smart home, you’ve probably heard of Nest Aware, a paid subscription service that you can subscribe to expand its features. What does a Nest Aware subscription get you, and is it worth the recurring fee? What is Nest Aware? The main benefit of a … Read more

What is Computer BIOS? Use of BIOS in Computer

Computer BIOS

If you have a personal computer where you spend most of the time in running personal and business tasks then you must have a little understanding of BIOS. This article also helps you if you are preparing for computer-related jobs like Computer Operator or Computer Officer. BIOS is a huge topic, covering each and every … Read more

Define Computer Virus | Computer Virus Types

define computer virus

In computer, VIRUS stands for the Vital Information Resource Under Seize. Computer virus contains malicious codes written by hackers/attackers with the intention to hurt or infect other computers.These software programs with malicious code can automatically transferred from one computer to another computer by attaching themselves to files or boot records of disks. Computer viruses are … Read more

5 Quick Ways to Convert Excel File to PDF

how to convert excel file to pdf

For converting Excel files to PDF you can find various free and paid tools online. Free tools don’t guarantee quality conversion and sometimes you might lose data/formatting after conversion. I don’t recommend you to use any free or premium tool. The reason is your PC already has built-in features that help you to convert Excel … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Remove Macros From Excel Workbook

Macro is generally used to automate repetitive tasks. In Microsoft Office programs like Excel, a macro is created providing a series of instructions to execute. When a macro gets executed, it performs the task step-by-step based on provided instructions. For example, we could have a macro that tells Excel to save all the charts as … Read more