1. Show her a refreshing smile when your eyes meet.

A “refreshing smile” can make Japanese women’s hearts beat faster, just like you see in an anime. A Japanese teen mentioned, “I’m attracted to guys who give me a gentle smile when our eyes meet during class.” When your eyes meet, you need to make use of the 0.5 seconds that you have chance to move a Japanese woman’s heart. You only have one shot, so don’t forget to smile whenever you are around your love interest.

2. Show her an embarrassed smile when you make a small mistake.

“He does this face that just say ‘oops’ and it’s so cute,” said a Japanese woman in her twenties20s. The “embarrassed smile” you show when you make a small mistake also has qualities that make a Japanese woman’s heart race. SheThey will take a liking to your honest nature when you openly accept your mistakes instead of hiding them. HoweverNevertheless, you may appear irresponsible if you just keep laughing. It’s important to show that you are serious when correcting your mistakes.

3. Show her a happy smile the moment you meet for your date.

Some Japanese women fall even more in love with their date when he has a “happy smile. ” “I feel at ease when he greets me with a smile,” expressed a Japanese teen. So, help your date loosen up by smiling at her the moment you see her. Your big smile will comfort her, especially when if she’s running late.

4. Show her a satisfied smile when you are eating something delicious.

When you are having a meal together, show her your “satisfied smile” to make her feel happy. “The food tastes even better with a smile,” commented a Japanese woman in her 20s twenties. If you want your girlfriend to be a better cook, you should start by practicing having a better smile your smile of appreciation.

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