4 Types of Smiles That Capture Japanese Women’s Hearts During a Date Part 2

5. Show her a joyous smile when you win a match game.

Some Japanese women fall for a joyous smile when you win a sports match or a game. They love seeing different expressions on your face, and this comment from a Japanese teen clarifies the reason why: “I’m turned on by the difference in his expressions, from how he usually looks to how serious he gets during the game.” If you tend to look serious at work, show some excitement when you succeed aton a big project. This way, Japanese women know that you can be are “surprisingly passionate.”

6. Show her a playful smile when you pull a prank on her.

A “playful smile” can be appears especially attractive to Japanese women because it shows that you have a youthful heart. “My heart melts when I see his grin after he pulls a prank on me,” said a Japanese teen. Japanese women will perceive your innocent mischiefs favorably, but remember not to cross the line. They will not forgive you if your prank is malicious.

7. Show her a gentle smile when if she messes something up.

Japanese women get the idea that you are tolerant if you smile gently at them after if they make a mistake. A Japanese woman in her 20s twenties explained, “In my mind, an average guy becomes a prince the moment he laughs with me when I mess something up, and smiles at me as he asks if I’m okay.” She might think you are mocking her if you laugh too much, though, so stick to a gentle smile when in doubt.

8. Show her a genuine smile when you look at animals and children.

Some Japanese women believe that a guy’s smile is a reflection of his true nature, especially when he interacts with animals and children. A Japanese teen told us, “My heart skips a beat when a cool guy has a big smile on his face while he plays with animals.” Guys with a genuine smile appear “kind and pure.”, according to another participant. Even if you are not good with animals and children, try smiling at them rather than acting coldly towards them.

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