4 Ways a Japanese Girlfriend Can Feel Stressed about Her New Boyfriend Part 2

6. When you’re not getting along due to differences in lifestyles.

“He’s a total night owl. There’s no way I can make this relationship work!!” We’ve received several complaints like this. When your lifestyle patterns are too different from each other, not only is it difficult to go on dates or even contact each other, it can put a lot of stress on her.

7. Excessively deferring to her, and trying to do whatever she wants.

“When he goes out of his way to accommodate me, or says ‘whatever you like’ to everything, it’s just not fun.” When you are too blatantly over-considerate to her, it can actually be unpleasant for her.

8. Being so overly passive that you don’t even hold hands.

“After all, we’re in a relationship, but when he’s so unaffectionate…” We’ve received a lot of opinions like this. It’s difficult for a woman to take the lead, because she may be seen to be too aggressive, so it may be better for the man to be more proactive.

9. Becoming extremely possessive once you’re in a romantic relationship.

“When he has to comment on every little thing, like what I do all day, or about my friends…” When being possessive goes too far, she can come to dislike you.

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