4 Ways Guys Misunderstand What It Means to Be Caring For Their Japanese Girlfriends Part 1

1. You never leave her side.

Some guys think that staying by their girlfriend’s side is being caring. Most women, no matter how much they love their boyfriend, will become annoyed when he hangs on to her when spending time together. Remember that maintaining a healthy distance is good for your relationship.

2. You always want to carry her bags.

Some guys believe that carrying all of their girlfriend’s belongings, from her purse and shopping bags to her jacket, is a demonstration of kindness. People find it off-putting when a guy is carrying items that women can easily carry themselves. If your girlfriend cares about how she appears in public, she might think, “My boyfriend is pathetic.” Let your girlfriend have her way if she declines your offer to hold her things.

3. You walk on eggshells when you talk to her.

Some guys think that trying to interpret their girlfriend’s feelings when talking to her is being caring. While couples must be understanding about their partner’s emotional ups and downs, some people don’t want their partner to be so hesitant, because this is the person they feel most at ease with. Be careful, because once your girlfriend becomes unhappy about this, she might go for someone who approaches her with more confidence.

4. You move closer to her so you can see her more or you suggest moving in together right away.

Some guys assume that moving closer to their girlfriend or moving in together is being caring. Your girlfriend will likely think you are being too clingy when you suggest this at the beginning of the relationship, unless she is as excited as you are about the idea. Generally speaking, romance-oriented women are seen as being cute, but when guys act in this way, they are seen as being too dependent.

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