5 Ways a Japanese Girlfriend Can Feel Stressed about Her New Boyfriend Part 1

1. Keeping reminders of his ex-girlfriend, like photos or her personal possessions, in his room.

“I can’t understand why he wouldn’t throw out his ex-girlfriend’s things. But I don’t want to seem like a jealous nag by saying it, either.” This puts a woman in a complicated position. If those mementos are important to you, be considerate to her and keep them under wraps.

2. Talking about his “heroic exploits” in a shameless attempt to look cool.

“It makes me cringe to hear him talk so happily about his heroic past.” Excessive boasting can make a woman go cold.

3. When the gap between their views on money matters is unavoidable during every date.

“Big spender or penny pincher, they’re both difficult types to have a relationship with.” We received several opinions attesting to this. Of course, the topic of money will come up in any relationship. In order to align your views on money, we suggest that you first carefully observe how your girlfriend spends her money and behave accordingly.

4. Kissing in public, and other unfamiliar attempts at “affection.”

“When his attempts at being affectionate are too extreme, it makes me pull away.” People have different personal boundaries and comfort levels with respect to physical contact. Unless she desires it, it might be better to keep your public displays of affection modest.

5. When the frequency of his phone calls and emails demonstrate his enthusiasm for the relationship.

“When he doesn’t call or email me very often, it makes me feel insecure, that I’m not being loved.” As you can see here, women can interpret frequency of contact as an indicator of affection.

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