How to Print Same Title on Each Page in Excel

how to print same title in excel

If you are printing a large Excel record then the Title or Header that you have written in the first row will be printed on the first page only. The remaining pages will be printed without any title. If the printed page is title-less then obviously it will be hard to read or analyze the … Read more

How to Create or Remove AutoCorrect Entry in Word

how to create AutoCorrect Entry in Word

Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft Corporation. Word is packed inside the MS Office package, when you download and install the MS Office package, the software for MS Word also gets installed and ready for use.  MS Word provides various kinds of features that help you in creating reports, documents, biography more … Read more

How To Extend Your Windows Laptop Battery Life

how to extend laptop battery life

Are you also worried about your Laptop’s battery life? In the laptop, the battery is built to store the electric charge so that you can run your Laptop without plugging the Laptop’s charger on the electricity. The average battery life of a fully charged Laptop is 4 to 5 hour but it degrades as your … Read more

How To Optimize Your PC For Better Performance

optimize your pc make pc faster

Have you stuck due to the slow performance of your computer? Computer users get irritated when their machine’s speed degrades and interrupt their work. That’s why users are searching for the tips and tricks on the Internet to make a computer faster.  Computer speed starts slowing down as it gets older and clogged up with … Read more

How to Create a New Custom List for AutoFill Series in Excel

Custom List for AutoFill Series

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application available in Microsoft Office Package Software that allows users to do simple as well as complex mathematical, trigonometric, financial, and other various kinds of calculations in an easy, fast, and flexible way. Excel has so many built-in features and functions that you can use in your Workbook. AutoFill is … Read more

How to Enable Web Page Preview Command in MS Excel?

web page preview in excel

MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that was developed by Microsoft. MS Excel lies in the package software category; this means when you install MS Office Package on your computer, it also gets installed automatically.  Excel has many pre-built Statistical, Logical, Financial, Date/Time, Engineering, Math and Text functions. Excel also provides you a collection … Read more