Elon Musk has targeted the Department of Justice (DOJ) for not making public Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s list of clients.

The TESLA and SpaceX founder called out the federal government on Twitter, saying:

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

The tweet also contained an attachment of an image saying, “Things I will never see in my life’, showing a dinosaur, dragon, unicorn and then a fourth image, which said, ‘The Epstein/Maxwell list.”

Soon after the tweet was posted, someone replied with an image depicting Musk and Maxwell together at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, saying, “Found one”.

Musk responded by saying:

“Ah yes, Maxwell photobombing me at a VanityFair Oscars party – you should (ask) them why they invited her. The same people who push this photo say nothing about prominent people who actually went to his island a dozen times. Also very strange…”

According to The Daily Mail, one of Epstein’s ‘black books’ was leaked in 2015 by Gawkers news website, in which the names of several powerful figures who had a relationship with Epstein were disclosed.

The names in the book included, Presidents Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, John Kerry and Woody Allen.

So far, none of the above people have faced charges associated with the crimes committed by Epstein and Maxwell.

According to The New York Times, during Maxwell’s trial last year, the address book containing her and Epstein’s clients revealed the names of some of the victims.

[Based on reporting by: Ladbible]

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