Job for Backend Engineer

Job Overview

Employer Type : Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
Industry : Information Technology, Internet
Salary : ¥6 million yen ~ 10 million yen / Year
English Level : Business Level
Japanese Level : Basic Level
Restricted to Domestic Applicants? : Japan only
Visa Sponsorship : Yes

【About the company …】

【Unleashing the potential of the manufacturing industry】

The company will create a society in which all people involved in manufacturing can maximize their inherent power.
To achieve this goal, they will create a “new mechanism” that will change the common sense of industry.

Busy with estimating and administrative tasks, lacking sales skills, and lacking information and networks.
By untying these shackles, the potential of each company can be unleashed.
From small factories in town, to large manufacturers with a long history, to start-ups in their early years, all manufacturing companies will shine by leveraging their strengths to create new value.
They will continue to take on the challenge to open up such a future.

◆Flat organization
Regardless of your position, team, previous experience, gender, age, etc., you can express your opinions and immediately incorporate what is good.
◆Excellent members
The team is made up of members who have been active in leading companies. You will have an environment where there is a growth and stimulation every day.
◆Engineer Driven
Since they are operating in a field where there are no precedents yet in the world, technical skills are extremely important, and engineers play a leading role.

【 Job Description 】

【”Unleashing the potential of the manufacturing industry” through technology】
In the manufacturing industry, which is said to be worth 180 trillion yen in Japan, many manufacturers and their supply partners have been constrained by a variety of reasons, including being too busy with quotation and management tasks, lacking sales capabilities, and lacking information and networks, and are unable to fully utilize their original development and technological capabilities.

The company’s mission is to unleash the potential of each company by resolving these constraints from various aspects.

In order to achieve this goal, we need to utilize technology mainly in areas that have not yet been digitized, so that all manufacturing companies, whether they are small town factories, large-scale manufacturers with a long history, or start-up companies just starting out, can utilize their strengths to shine and create a lot of new value. Why don’t you use your technology to achieve such a future?

【”Unleashing the potential of the manufacturing industry” at the back end of the system】
In the manufacturing industry, which the company is trying to digitize and systemize, there are still many areas where there is no clear pattern or solution. Defining and improving these areas, even if only slightly, will lead to clarifying and improving the operations of the manufacturing industry itself. This will require robust and moderately flexible system development through data design that is open to change and implementation that is easy to reuse.

What the company develops is a business system, but because it is a business system, it should be an abstraction of the actual business of the people who use it. The company believes that understanding the business process and its components well and choosing the appropriate data structure and design will redefine the business of the users and lead to optimized business.

・Design and implementation of back-end systems for systems used by the company’s operations team, customers, and supply partners
・Selection and verification of middleware, frameworks and other technologies
・Architecture design of the entire backend system
・System improvements based on various qualitative and quantitative research (user surveys, log analysis, inquiry analysis, etc.)
・Design of algorithms and interfaces with front-end systems

・Server-side application development for each development team
– Manufacturing costing product
– Manufacturing process and supply chain management product
– Drawing Management Product
– Manufacturing partner collaboration product
– Other new products are also being planned.

【Development Organization】
・Join one of the development teams
– Mainly a team of 4-5 people
– Transfer between teams as needed
– Support from tech leads and engineering managers
・Scrum-based development cycle
– Ticket management by JIRA

【Development Environment】
・Languages used
– Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript
– Backend: Rust, Kotlin, TypeScript
・Frameworks and libraries
– Frontend: React, Apollo, Next.js, styled-components, WebGL, WebAssembly
– Backend: Rust (Tokio, tonic, Diesel), Kotlin (Micronaut, Exposed), Node.js (Express, NestJS)
・Infrastructure: GCP, GKE
・Database: PostgreSQL, Firestore
・APIs: GraphQL, REST, gRPC
・Authentication: Auth0
・Development tools: GitHub, CircleCI, Figma, Sentry, DataDog, Storybook
・Communication tools: Slack, Discord, JIRA, Miro

【Ideal Applicants】
<A point of bold challenge and excellence>
The company is currently trying out the area of “high-mix low-volume production procurement” in the manufacturing industry. Because there has been little innovation in this area so far, there is a lot of room for improvement in business processes, but at the same time, there are many tasks that have not been standardized. It is necessary to collaborate with the business side members to continue hypothesis testing for the ideal business process, and for this purpose, there is a challenge to continue building robust and moderately flexible server-side applications.

In addition, as the coverage of clients and projects continues to expand and the scale of transactions continues to grow rapidly, the data handled by the system continues to increase. Please challenge yourself to create an architecture that not only has the robustness of a system that stores data properly, but also has an eye on the future utilization of data.

・Sympathy for unleashing the potential of the manufacturing industry
・Experience in backend development of web applications (statically typed language is preferred)
・Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms
・Experience using relational databases
・Experience in at least two programming languages (including front-end)
・Experience in development using public cloud such as AWS, GCP, etc.
・Team development skills using Git/GitHub

・Experience developing in languages with strong static typing and functional elements, such as Rust and Scala
・Experience in microservices design, development, and operation
・Experience in security-conscious web development
・Experience in designing and developing large scale services
・Experience using container technologies such as Docker
・Experience operating services using Kubernetes
・Experience developing and using BFF and GraphQL servers
・Web front-end application development skills using React, GraphQL, etc.

【 Working time 】

Flextime System

【 Welfare 】

・Commuting allowance (up to 30,000 yen)
・Vacation (summer vacation, year-end and New Year’s vacation, refreshment vacation, bereavement vacation, etc.)
・Subsidies (moving subsidies, child allowances, marriage congratulation money, etc.)
・Medical checkups
・Office medicine
・Office convenience store
・Learning support (book purchase system, language learning support, manufacturing experience, external training support, etc.)
・Company-wide awards
・Club activities
・Engineers can apply for a PC and display with their desired specifications.
※The maximum amount is 400,000 yen, within which you can also purchase accessories for the PC.
※The PC replacement cycle should be at least two years.

【 Holiday 】
・Full holiday 2 day system (Saturday / Sunday) holidays
・Summer Holiday
・New Year holidays
・Annual paid leave
・Refresh Leave
・Parental Leave

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