Job for Data Engineer

Job Overview

Employer Type – Direct Hire
Industry – Automotive, Engineering, Internet
Salary – ¥300,000 / Month(JPY 300,000 – JPY 450,000 per month approx. Final salary to be decided based on applicable work experience and skills.)
English Level – Basic Level
Japanese Level – Basic Level
Restricted to Domestic Applicants? – Overseas applicants allowed
Visa Sponsorship – Yes

Job Requirements

Essential Skills

Practical experience of data cleansing, structuring, and systematization of those data subject to analysis.

Understanding of the principles of machine learning, statistics or graph theory algorithms.

Experience of employing programming ability and the use of libraries and middleware required for the implementation of the above (e.g., SQL, Java, Python, R, C++, Rust, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, TypeScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails).

Ability to use either English or Japanese in a work environment.


3 years’ programming experience in industry.

Ability to organize client’s issues logically, and further the work of the team while communicating with in-house analysts.

Experience in upstream operations such as problem management, business analysis, requirement definition, etc.

Business-level Japanese ability and/or business-level English ability.

Welcome Attributes:

We especially welcome people who possess the following:

Excellent inter-personal skills, a positive outlook and a drive to contribute to the growth of a small team.

Belief in the possibilities of IT.

An insatiable drive to absorb new knowledge and skills.

Unsparing effort to achieve results.

Job Description




In Japanese, our company name, KASUGAI, can mean a tie that binds people together. We strive to express that in our mission:


To Become a Better ‘Tie’, We Connect Data with Data

Data science, including Big Data and AI, has become an integral part of modern business. To perform data science, it is first necessary to acquire, organize and manage data. By connecting data with data, we can reveal things that were hitherto invisible, enabling efficient and effective analysis.

KASUGAI is a rapidly growing team of data engineers in the business of developing environments for clients to organize their critical data and connect to data science. We are part of a four-company group with offices in Japan and Europe, pooling the best overseas and domestic talent we can find. We are currently engaged with assisting a subsidiary of a major auto manufacturer develop and rationalize the production management environment.


Owing to increasing project demands, we currently have an open position for a Data Engineer.

If successful, you will be able to engage in a wide range of activities, including software planning, definition of requirements, design, programming, testing, and constructing infrastructure.

The knowledge you build at KASUGAI will enable you to further acquire critical skills to work in the IT industry. You may also be given the opportunity to drive a project as a leader and follow it through from beginning to end.

We offer a flexible working schedule, subject to the demands of each project. What’s more, we are a multi-cultural group with team members from all over the world. We strongly encourage diversity; as a young company, we believe in being outward-looking and forward-thinking.

Working time:

09:30-18:30 (including a break of 60 minutes). *These times may differ depending on project requirements. 8 hours per day. Number of working days per week: 5.


2 days holiday per week.

Public holidays; Golden Week; summer vacation; year-end/New Year’s vacation; paid vacation (consultation on other times is possible; holidays may differ depending on project requirements).

Location: Nagoya City and surrounding area.


Nagoya Office: 5 minutes’ walk from Chikusa Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line, or Kurumamichi Station on the Sakuradori Line. 5 minutes’ walk from JR Chikusa Station.

Welfare and Benefits:

Commuting allowance (max. JPY 30,000 p/m), health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, work accident insurance, travel allowance, annual medical check.


Application process: document screening → job interview (one or two interviews planned) → job offer. Induction and on-the-job training available.


Related Keywords:

Systems Engineer, Systems Development, Programming, English, Japanese, Data Engineer, Data Science, SQL, Java, Python, R, C++, Rust, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, TypeScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Employment Type: Permanent, Contract.

Salary: JPY 300,000 – JPY 450,000 per month approx. (final salary to be decided based on applicable work experience and skills).

1-24-9 Uchiyama, Chikusa-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi


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