Job for iOS Engineer in Japan

Job Overview

Employer Type : Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
Industry : Information Technology, Internet
Salary : 6 million yen ~ 10 million yen JPY Year
English Level : Business Level
Japanese Level : Basic Level
Restricted to Domestic Applicants? : Japan only
Visa Sponsorship : Yes

【About the company …】

The company provides information related to food, such as recipe videos, as well as services aimed at solving issues related to food and living.
In July 2018, they signed a capital alliance agreement with Yahoo Japan Corporation, and in April 2019, they acquired 51% of the shares of TRILL Corporation, which operates media for women, from Yahoo Japan, making it a consolidated subsidiary.
Although they have strong ties with Yahoo, they maintain their independence in management and are considering an IPO.

【 Job Description 】

◆Recruitment background
The company’s web media for women continues to grow into a large-scale service with 40 million monthly users.
However, they feel that it is still in its development stage, and they will aim to create products that can generate even greater value with a medium- to long-term perspective.

If you’re an iOS engineer who wants to work in a small team with the discretion to grow the company’s existing services and create new value, please apply!

◆Job description
・Design, development, testing, and delivery of iOS app for women’s services
・Improvement of development environment for iOS app, automation, and improvement of test and release flow
・Coordination and negotiation with stakeholders regarding iOS app requirements and specifications
・High fidelity prototype development by design prototyping
・Operation of growth measures using tools such as Firebase
・Data acquisition and analysis using SQL
・Dissemination of technical information to the outside
・Solving other organizational and technical issues (If you’re interested)

・Experience in iOS native app development using Swift
・Experience in using libraries with CocoaPods/Carthage etc.
・Knowledge and experience in UI development using Auto Layout
・Experience in team development using git and Github

・Experience in developing and operating native applications with a large user base
・Experience in writing unit tests/UI tests for iOS
・Knowledge of iOS application architecture
・Knowledge and experience in performance optimization

【 Working time 】

Flextime System

【 Holiday 】
土日祝(Saturday/Sunday/National Holiday)
年次有給休暇(Annual Paid Leave)
年末年始休暇(New Year Holiday)

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