Anna Sorokin, the fake German heiress who conned friends and associates out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, has stated that she is launching a series of NFTs.

Non-Fungible-Tokens are images stored on the blockchain, of which some have been sold for millions of dollars. Those who purchase the NFT will receive ownership rights on the blockchain to a picture of Anna behind bars.

Sorokin, who is not German but actually Russian, is fighting extradition from the United States, where she remains in prison. Her life was turned into the highly popular ‘Inventing Anna‘ series on Netflix, which received positive reviews.

Those launching the project on Anna’s behalf, said:

“All holders of the Reinventing Anna NFT will get ‘access to Anna’ and a select group of top holders will have access to coveted personal items from her time in prison and personal sketches drawn by Anna herself.”


“Ten gold edition NFTs that are randomly minted will grant holders the privilege of a one on one call with Anna, and three ultra rare platinum edition NFT holders will get the opportunity to meet Anna in-person, as well as receive a package of personal items.”

It is also said that a lucky bidder chosen at random will also win some of Anna’s prison possessions.

In a statement, Sorokin herself said:

“I’m very excited to join the NFT community and contribute to the change in the way artists/creators interact with their fan base. It feels great to be part of something new and innovative. A large part of my own story is about breaking the rules and questioning status quo. In this new chapter of my journey I’m hoping to use my voice for a positive (and legal) cause.”

An artist who hosted Anna’s artist works at a New York hotel has told reporters that the $8,000 cost of the exhibit has not been covered by Sorokin or her supporters as promised.

It is said that it is unlikely that Sorokin will be deported to Russia, given the current geopolitical tensions.

[Based on reporting by: The Daily Mail]

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