Sources Claim North Korean Elites Are Feasting On Dog Meat While Their People Starve

Insider sources in North Korea have said that the elites of the country are feasting on dog meat while many ordinary citizens go hungry.

The sources, speaking to RFA’s Korean Service anonymously, say that specialist restaurants only open to those close to the ruling party are serving up dog meat, which while not a normal part of Korean diet, is regarded by some as a delicacy.

The feasts are occurring while as many as 25 million people struggle to eat amid rising food prices. One said:

“Prices for food such as rice, corn and flour keep rising. Residents are frustrated as they suffer, … but high-ranking government officials and the wealthy class, for whom money is not an object, are busy looking for dog meat restaurants and taking care of themselves.”


“Since last summer, the Kyongsong Dangogi Restaurant has been operating out of a two-story traditional Korean building in Chongjin’s Pohang Square. As the hot days of summer begin, it is buzzing with people who have come for their fill of dog meat. Kyongsong is the second largest dog meat restaurant in the country next to the Pyongyang Dangogi Restaurant on Tongil Street in Pyongyang. I believe [former leader] Kim Jong Il gave the restaurant its name. He was treated to dog meat stew every time he came to North Hamgyong province, and stayed at a hotel within the Kyongsong restaurant that has a scenic view.”

Another source added:

“In foreign countries, people don’t eat dog meat, but in our country, dangogi-jang is known for its invigorating effect on the body in summer. There’s even a saying that if you were to spill some of the soup on your foot, it would be like medicine to heal the body. Ordinary residents cannot even dare to eat a bowl of dangogi-jang, no matter how good it is for the body,” the source said. “It is the cheapest dish among the various other dog meat dishes like steak or braised ribs. The stew costs 12,000 won [U.S. $1.70] for a single bowl, about the price of two kilos [4.4 lbs] of rice.”

North Korea is the most isolated nation in the world, and since the covid pandemic has become further insulated with little information moving in or out of the hermit kingdom.

[Based on reporting by: Radio Free Asia]

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