An ISIS leader has been captured after the United States launched a special ground offensive into Syria. Reports indicate that no one was injured or killed during the operation and that the man is now in US custody.

Hani Ahmed al-Kurdi is said to be one of the few remaining top ISIS commanders and was actively involved in plots against the West.

The military said in a statement:

“Coalition forces detained a senior Daesh leader during an operation in Syria June 16. The detained individual was assessed to be an experienced bomb maker and facilitator who became one of the group’s top leaders in Syria. The mission was meticulously planned to minimize the risk of collateral damage, particularly any potential harm to civilians. There were no civilians harmed during the operation nor any damage to Coalition aircraft or assets.”


“Coalition forces will continue to work with our partners, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Iraqi Security Forces, including the Peshmerga, to hunt the remnants of Daesh wherever they hide to ensure Daesh’s enduring defeat.”

While Gen. Erik Kurilla, the commander of US Central Command, told ABC News:

“Though degraded, ISIS remains a threat. We remain dedicated to its defeat. Last night’s operation, which took a senior ISIS operator off the battlefield, demonstrates our commitment to the security of the Middle East and to the enduring defeat of ISIS.”

The Islamic State has declined from when it controlled much of Syria and much of northern Iraq under its extremist conservative ideology. After involvement from US and western allies, as well as Kurdish forces on the ground, ISIS were beaten back and all but destroyed. Despite the defeat, there remain pockets of extremist insurgents throughout the country who continue to plot attacks both against Syria and in the West.

In January, ISIS attacked a Kurdish prison in which their fighters were held. After 10 days of fighting Kurdish forces retook the jail, killing 374 ISIS fighters in the ensuing battle.

[Based on reporting by: ABC News]

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