In a bizarre and chilling appearance on Turkish CNN, a political analyst has outlined a military invasion of Greece, a fellow NATO member. The appearance included maps and a run down of how to carry out the attack.

Hakan Bayrakçı stood in front of a map of Greece and said that such an invasion would cause the politics of Greece and the USA to collapse.

He said:

“They have not calculated anything. Turkey, in order to face this resilience, can make a business here, drop a cuff, land on two islands here and say ‘I am not an aggressive country’, then if Greek foreign policy is resilient, it will collapse and so will US policy. In addition, in domestic politics, we will say that ‘I did not attack Greece, I just gave them a message that if you continue the aggressive policy I will do these things’.”

He continued:

“Is Greece becoming a state of the USA? Why do we say that? Because it seems that there is a US plan that is being implemented through Greece. There are almost 10 bases and President Erdoğan said ‘what do they want to threaten with so many bases they are building’.”

He is not the first Greece analyst in recent weeks to espouse beliefs about a Turkish invasion. Assistant Professor at Istanbul Altınbaş University and military analyst Eray Güçlüer said recently:

“Greece has no other way out but to depend on us. The Dodecanese were given temporarily to Italy, temporarily. In 1947 the islands which are called Dodecanese are removed from Italy and given to Greece… That is, islands which had been temporarily granted and had to be returned to us, were given to Greece. In other words, there is already a question of sovereignty.”

The islands under question are part of Greece under international law.

Turkey previously invaded the then Greek island of Cyprus in 1974 and still controls the north of the island. The Turkish-controlled state of Northern Cyprus is not recognised by the international community.

In recent years and months, Turkey has invaded Syria and Iraq in what it calls anti-terror operations against Kurdish rebels. The attacks are illegal and have resulted in mass civilian casualties.

[Based on reporting by: Greek City Times]

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