Ukrainian Students Take Haunting Graduation Photos In Rubble Created By The War

Ukrainian photographer, Stanislav Senyk, decided to capture a series of pictures of students graduating with the rubbles of bombed-out buildings in the background.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, Senyk’s photographic work was primarily focusing on ceremonies like engagements and weddings. However, since the start of the war, the photographer’s work has shifted towards capturing the people’s struggle in Ukraine. His aim is to make sure that future generations don’t forget what happened in the country.

Senyk’s latest project involved photographing graduating students in Chernihiv in the setting of ruins following the Russian bombings.

Forty students wearing their graduation sashes posed for the photographer. The haunting photographs show the effort of young people to make their way into adulthood in an ominous environment.

Senyk told Reuters that although the students were disappointed in not being able to have a graduation ceremony, the current circumstances made them grow stronger.

While posing in ruined buildings, disabled tanks and burned-out cars, the students emitted a sense of determination to build their lives and move forward.

He told My Modern Met:

“The main idea of this photoshoot is to save the history for these students. In the future, when these children will have their own children, they can show what is going on now. We must remember what Russia did in Ukraine in order to never allow this to happen again.”

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[Based on reporting by: My Modern Met]

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