A US Korean War veteran has found his long-lost love that he originally met while stationed in Japan 70 years ago.

Duane Mann, who is now 91 years old, met and dated Peggy Yamaguchi in 1953, while his military unit was based in Yokosuka, Japan. They were together for 14 months before Duane was ordered to return to the United States.

Unfortunately, the money that Duane had saved in order to get Peggy to the United States had been used by his father, and when Peggy sent letters to Duane they had been intercepted and destroyed by his mother, who did not want Duane to marry a Japanese woman.

Eventually, Duane received notice that Peggy had married another man and had started a new life.

Earlier this year, local news channel KETV NewsWatch 7, broadcast Duane’s story and a 23-year-old Canadian researcher decided to try and track down Peggy.

Amazingly Peggy was still alive and had come to the United States, where she had a new husband and had had 3 children, living just a few states away from Duane.

Peggy’s sons said on the news about Duane being broken to her:

“She right away [said], ‘I remember him! He really loved me, you know.”

The two had an emotional reunion recently, all of which was captured on film.

Duane said:

“And I’ve thought about that all my life, I worried that you thought that I abandoned you. And I’m here to tell you that I didn’t abandon you at all. I just couldn’t find you.”

While Peggy added:

“Thank you for remembering and [saving] all the pictures, you must have loved me.”

The pair shared stories of their past and the lives they have led, and recalled the times they had spent together while they were in Japan. They two now hope to stay in contact and see each other again.

Their reunion can be seen in this short video:

[Based on reporting by: Positive Outlooks]

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