A man has been hailed as a hero after saving a man who was electrocuted on a train line in Chicago, USA.

The incident occurred after a fight between two men spilled onto the train tracks, which resulted in one man being seriously electrocuted and knocked unconscious. A man at the station, 20-year-old Anthony Perry, then jumped down onto the tracks risking his own life, and pulled the man to safety. He then administered CPR to the man, who had stopped breathing.

The whole incident was caught on camera by a witness, Tavi Ghee:

Ghee told reporters:

“It was definitely surreal. That was an out-of-body experience.”

While Perry himself said:

“There was a lady, I guess she had medical experience. She was talking me through on what to do. I feel like that was an angel from God. I ended up doing chest compressions and turning him on his side until the fire department got there.”

He continued:

“I was hoping I could just grab him and not feel nothing, but I felt a little shock. I felt it all through my body actually. I didn’t let that stop me. When I looked back on the video and I listen, it sounded like everyone was in fear … no one actually did anything, they just wanted to record.”

The Chicago Transport Authority says of its tracks:

“Customers who enter CTA tracks, known as the rail right of way, face not only the danger of oncoming trains, but also that of the third rail, which carries 600 volts of electricity used to propel trains—a level of electricity that is almost always lethal.”

A ceremony held by Chicago philanthropist Early Walker thanked Perry for his actions. Walker said:

“We just wanted to honour you. We wanted to literally show our appreciation because we need more people like you. We need more Anthonys in the world. Everybody is about the views, about going viral but no one helps.”

The man is in hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

[Based on reporting by: Upworthy]

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