If you’re an aspiring developer looking for your dream job, the best place to start is in Japan. This country has developed a strong community of developers over the years. The Japanese are continually looking to improve and innovate their game development programs.

The Japanese gaming industry is a large part of the country’s economy and because of this, there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers with experience in game development. However, there are many cultural differences between the US and Japan that will take some time to understand. Here are some things that you should know before pursuing a career in this wonderful land.

What is the game development scene like in Japan?

The Japanese game industry is constantly innovating with new and exciting titles. The variety of games created by the Japanese is astounding, as they have over 6,800 companies that produce them. They were even voted the world’s most innovative country in 2017.

Additionally, the Japanese are very aware of what is happening in their market and are constantly changing their policies in order to accommodate for it. For example, when streaming services came about back in 2012, Japan was one of the first countries to make an exception for Twitch-like services.

But if you want to work for a company that has been around for decades, then look no further than Nintendo and Square Enix. These two companies have been around since the 1970’s and 1980’s respectively.

What can you expect when coming to Japan as a developer?

Jobs in Japan come with a lot of perks. You will be given a scholarship to cover living expenses and you won’t have to worry about finding your own place to live or spending money on rent. The salary is also higher than what you would earn in the US.

If you’re looking for a chance to test your skills working on some of the most innovative games and platforms, then coming to Japan might be perfect for you. However, it may take some time before you are able to find a job that fits perfectly with your experience level and the kind of work that you want to do.

Even if there isn’t an immediate opportunity for work in game development, it’s still worth coming here as it’s an amazing place to study Japanese and improve your language skills. There are plenty of opportunities for internships or permanent positions after graduation which means that staying in Japan longer can lead to more stability and success down the road.

What are some misconceptions about Japanese culture?

One of the misconceptions that people have about Japan is the belief that it’s a very expensive country to live in. In many cases, this is true and it will be much more difficult for people who are not Japanese to live here. However, there are tons of opportunities for developers because of a culture that values education and is always looking for new ways to improve their game development programs.

The Japanese also have a unique culture. They typically don’t speak English as well as Americans would like them too. This can make it difficult for international applicants to find work in Japan. While you may need to learn Japanese in order to find work, this learning process can be both enjoyable and challenging.

The last misconception is the assumption that working in Japan would be all-consuming. That’s not at all the case! The Japanese take their time once they start a project and use all their resources accordingly. Once the project is done, they start something new so they aren’t still working on projects years later when they would rather be doing something else with their time.

Advice for aspiring developers.

1. Japan has a competitive job market.

Unlike some places in the United States, there is not a huge number of developers and companies looking for employees. This means that competition is fierce, but it also means that you will have more opportunities available to you. Additionally, this means that if you are hired by a Japanese company, they will be more likely to appreciate your experience and knowledge.

2. Japanese culture is different than US culture.

Japan has its own unique cultural norms which often make it difficult for foreigners to get along with locals without learning the language first. Fortunately, there are many companies who hire expats and offer them support during their initial period of employment in Japan. This can be crucial for someone just trying to find their footing in this new country where everything seems foreign and unfamiliar.

3. You need to learn the language first before moving to Japan or interning there.

If you want to find work as a developer in Japan, you need to learn how the language works first before applying for any positions or moving there full time (or even just as a part of an internship). Japanese people speak quickly and may not always understand what you are saying when you speak English; so knowing the basics of the language can make all the difference when it comes to your development career abroad!


Japan is a well-known country in the gaming industry.

It also has a huge number of skilled developers.

If you are a developer, you should consider coming to Japan as your next step.

You will find a lot of opportunities to work, and at the same time, you will experience Japanese culture firsthand.

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